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[07-27 19:35][Fighter]Icewolfz: als oa setting to make it come back ash BLAH failed
[07-27 19:35][Fighter]Icewolfz: forget how ot turn on the failed setting
[07-27 19:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: forgot update help its 3 for the blah failed
[07-27 19:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: so yo uget the What? (0), generic random(1), silly random(2), failed (3)
[07-27 19:38][Fighter]Valhal: oh my...that's a GOOD command.
[07-27 19:38][Fighter]Aim: Evening.
[07-27 19:38][Fighter]Valhal: Hey aim :)
[07-27 19:39][Fighter]Aim: one of my alts might have been the impetus for that new one :)
[07-27 19:39][Fighter]Valhal: hehe
[07-27 19:39][Fighter]Aim: I played my monk to legend and it was really hard from level 65-92, but then the high rank commands made getting to 100 possible.
[07-27 19:40][Fighter]Valhal: I thought demolish was good before :)
[07-27 19:40][Fighter]Aim: we, on the other hand, ran out of anything to help that push from 92-100
[07-27 19:40][Fighter]Aim: massacre is exactly that command.
[07-27 19:40][Fighter]Aim: subject to being tamed a little here and there, since its new
[07-27 19:41][Fighter]Valhal: well, thank you sir!
[07-27 19:42][Fighter]Aim: but anything that lets me fight better is great. I just begged and showed the need. Icey did all the work, which mostly was the debugging after creating it.
[07-27 19:43][Fighter]Aim: it had a targeting bug and an infinite loop ...both were ironed out in an hour or so.
[07-27 19:44][Fighter]Aim: I realized that decimate hit like 6 or so at once, but the cost was crazy high and I could kill faster with dem with 10 tundra monsters.
[07-27 19:44][Fighter]Valhal: ya...I used demolish mostly
[07-27 19:44][Fighter]Aim: decimate hits for overkill on them, so you need higher level monsters to make decimate pay
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11:36, Vaigday, Kepki 20, 180 AD.

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