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[11-16 21:01][Fighter]Wolfen: hmm did the other one that work echo?
[11-16 21:01][Fighter]Wolfen: granaetd if oyu have command echo off it wont
[11-16 21:01][Fighter]Shador: have echo on
[11-16 21:01][Fighter]Shador: only alias work if don't have command stacking
[11-16 21:01][Fighter]Wolfen: hmm wierd
[11-16 21:02][Fighter]Wolfen: i only had it break with
[11-16 21:02][Fighter]Wolfen: it off
[11-16 21:02][Fighter]Wolfen: do you have command echo off?
[11-16 21:03][Fighter]Shador: it is on
[11-16 21:03][Fighter]Wolfen: hmm it should display eve nif the command says what
[11-16 21:03][Fighter]Shador: when I type gca it jst show up as gca
[11-16 21:03][Fighter]Wolfen: not for me
[11-16 21:03][Fighter]Wolfen: it executes the 4 commands
[11-16 21:04][Fighter]Wolfen: so its not finding the gca alias i think is the issue
[11-16 21:04][Fighter]Wolfen: if it doenst find eth alias it sends it oteh mud as acommand which cuases the what error
[11-16 21:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: so fro soem reason teh alias is not being executed
[11-16 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: try <#alias gca 'pull all arrow from ground;get all from corpse;put all arrow in quiver;offer all'>
[11-16 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: ifi remember right it should hable tedt int he ' correctly
[11-16 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: this way you can by pass the editor and see if it something else
[11-16 21:06][Fighter]Shador: it show Alias 'gca' updated then I type gca.. just what?
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11:19, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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