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[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Icewolfz: you can now massacre things
[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Valhal: hehe
[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Valhal: sounds fun!
[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Icewolfz: multi rounder
[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Icewolfz: last 7 rounds kills 32 targets i think
[07-27 19:25][Fighter]Icewolfz: well 32 hits if dual wielding
[07-27 19:26][Fighter]Icewolfz: 16 if single weapon
[07-27 19:26][Fighter]Icewolfz: my attacked ot give fighters a high multi target command ot comptet with mages
[07-27 19:26][Fighter]Icewolfz: i spread the attacks over 4 rounds
[07-27 19:27][Fighter]Valhal: cool...I think I'll test it a bit
[07-27 19:27][Fighter]Icewolfz: it i sbasilcy 4 demolishes in a row
[07-27 19:29][Fighter]Valhal: hrm...what's the syntax?
[07-27 19:30][Fighter]Valhal: oooo....have to learn it first
[07-27 19:30][Fighter]Valhal: duh
[07-27 19:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: works like demo
[07-27 19:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: kill all [blah] then massacre
[07-27 19:34][Fighter]Valhal: ya...I just never learned it so was getting the 'what?'
[07-27 19:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: limit is you havt o be alreayd in combat
[07-27 19:35][Fighter]Icewolfz: you could change it to say other things besides what
[07-27 19:35][Fighter]Icewolfz: can random genreic error, or random silly
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13:22, Vaigday, Kepki 20, 180 AD.

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