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[04-03 20:47][Monk]Asp ah.. crap.. okay use your old one.. *i'll search for better
[04-03 20:47][Monk]Durant: kk
[04-03 21:10][Monk]Asp were you using crystal Durant?
[04-03 21:11][Monk]Dorryn: I have the lazy default mithril plate
[04-03 21:16][Monk]Asp crap... the light banded helmet i have is not good enough... damn
[04-03 21:19][Monk]Asp wow I've been holding on to some really chity armor
[04-03 21:21][Monk]Asp Newbie armor is better than the chit i've wasted space for
[04-03 21:24][Monk]Dorryn: Yeah, I have bought tons of cloth/canvas looking for lighter options than crystal but don't have enough armor rating to make it work
[04-03 21:25][Monk]Dorryn: the Catch 22 is my fighter has the armor to wear cloth and still get extesively but has the strength to wear firebrass hehe
[04-03 21:25][Monk]Asp ah Rogre started me at 50
[04-03 21:26][Monk]Asp and the stuff I gave Durant should be Awesome, tho I f'ed up on the helmet
[04-03 21:28][Monk]Dorryn: Hah, yeah sometimes hold on to that piece you think is great and turns out...not so much
[04-03 21:32][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 36.
[04-03 22:15][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 37.
[04-03 22:16][Monk]Asp BAM!!!! GETTING IT Done!!!!
[04-03 22:49][Monk]Durant: maxed disc!
[04-03 22:49][Monk]Durant: like a scrub
[04-03 22:49][Monk]Asp discipline
[04-03 22:50][Monk]Durant: raised str and wis to 50 too
[04-03 22:50][Monk]Durant: spent about 8mil xp
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00:25, Flameday, Kantki 8, 172 AD.

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