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[05-31 19:36][Monk]Icewolfz: flamberge is the best large sword depending on material
[05-31 21:18][Monk]NEWS: Rasputin is now level 61.
[06-03 21:55][Monk]Asp peers at the Lizard person, the bows
[06-03 21:56][Monk]Rasputin: Thanks!
[06-03 21:56][Monk]Rasputin: I paused to actually get my stats in place.
[06-03 21:57][Monk]Rasputin: they are getting there now.
[06-03 21:58][Monk]Rasputin: mid 40s for dex,str,wis. once they cost about the same as a level, I'll start levelling again.
[06-03 22:00][Monk]Asp con?
[06-03 22:02][Monk]Asp ah yeah Lizard folk have good wisdom.. I see. nods.
[06-03 22:03][Monk]Asp I went against my gnomish nature. and wasted a ton of points in Str
[06-03 22:03][Monk]Rasputin: yeah, 2per
[06-03 22:04][Monk]Rasputin: its not like kill diong rogre or his new human cleric
[06-03 22:04][Monk]Rasputin: I suggested satyr mage last night.
[06-03 22:06][Monk]Asp nods. lets see 55 strength 53 con 55 dexterity 25 int 50 wis 18 chr
[06-03 22:07][Monk]Asp wasted points in int, chr & str..
[06-03 22:07][Monk]Rasputin: yeah I'm still a ways away from that at 43 each in the 3 main.
[06-03 22:07][Monk]Rasputin: how come 55 con ?
[06-05 12:45][Monk]Asp bows
[06-05 22:39][Monk]NEWS: Rasputin is now level 62.
[06-06 16:57][Monk]NEWS: Rasputin is now level 63.
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14:13, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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