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[05-02 16:53][Rogue]Stryder: Have you tried out any of the bard stuff?
[05-02 16:53][Rogue]Stryder: stagefright is nice. For once WE paralyze IT, not the other way around... LOL
[05-02 16:53][Rogue]Dinin: just the first few commands
[05-02 16:54][Rogue]Stryder: soothe is a LOT of mp for a few HP... but... it does minor limb repair too. Not too bad for
[05-02 16:54][Rogue]Stryder: Doh
[05-02 17:18][Rogue]Stryder: Welcome back.
[05-02 17:18][Rogue]Rogre: thanks. :)
[05-02 17:24][Rogue]Rogre: Icey!!!
[05-02 17:25][Rogue]Stryder: DAMN... he would be top bard...
[05-02 17:26][Rogue]Rogre: not intentional to try to take it from ya
[05-02 17:26][Rogue]Stryder: No worries.
[05-02 17:26][Rogue]Rogre: hmmm
[05-02 17:26][Rogue]Stryder: I am the TEST CASE...
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Rogre: maybe I will make a NEW guy for bard :)
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Rogre: what would be a good bard name?
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Stryder: Shakespeare!
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Stryder: lol
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Rogre: Elvis? Elvish? :)
[05-02 17:27][Rogue]Stryder: Dean Martin
[05-02 17:28][Rogue]Rogre: Sinatra!
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05:29, Darkday, Roki 14, 175 AD.

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