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[08-18 13:58][RP]Yahwen: Nighty I may just let you bury me somewhere after all
[08-18 15:12][RP]Yahwen looks around.
[08-18 18:31][RP]Yahwen waves hello
[08-18 18:32][RP]Koret tips his hat to Yahwen.
[08-18 18:32][RP]Yahwen: Hello Koret.
[08-18 18:33][RP]Koret: I hear the porch posts are coming along nicely, Yah.
[08-18 18:33][RP]Yahwen: Wonderful!
[08-18 18:33][RP]Nightshade: He is making... additions... I would hide if I were you
[08-18 18:33][RP]Koret also saw some really nice inkwork this evening.
[08-18 18:34][RP]Nightshade twitches and considers killing Koret
[08-18 18:34][RP]Yahwen does not want additions. Will not accept the house any other way then originally specified
[08-18 18:35][RP]Yahwen wonders who is killing the Kiernon townsfolk.
[08-18 18:35][RP]Yahwen: Kieron too
[08-18 18:35][RP]Koret: Nightshade is venting some of his rage.
[08-18 18:36][RP]Yahwen: Well Zaalite can be that way
[08-18 18:36][RP]Koret nods.
[08-18 18:36][RP]Yahwen gave up on trying to protect the Edelmoed guards, they should be able to take care ofthemselves
[08-18 18:37][RP]Yahwen: They need retraining and some of those good poppy seed
[08-18 18:38][RP]Yahwen: Hello Lady Brynne
[08-18 18:51][RP]Yahwen: Hello Dear!
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18:03, Flameday, Altki 8, 179 AD.

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