Monument ShadowMUD


[04-01 00:16][RP]Asp: ?? who the blood heck are you
[04-01 00:18][RP]Icewolfz: Kilo India Lima Lima India November Charlie
[04-01 00:18][RP]Zanatos: right Kill Inc
[04-01 00:19][RP]Rogre: nice!
[04-01 00:19][RP]Asp: Marasin took mah lunch money!!
[04-01 00:19][RP]Zanatos: I know Code Sir
[04-01 00:19][RP]Rogre: sounds like a job for Kill Inc.
[04-01 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: Kilo India Sierra Sierra
[04-01 00:19][RP]Zanatos: kiss
[04-01 00:20][RP]Rogre: or keep it simple stupid. :)
[04-01 00:20][RP]Icewolfz: India Delta 1 0 Tango
[04-01 00:20][RP]Asp: yes?
[04-01 00:20][RP]Zanatos: well that dosen't include us :)
[04-01 00:20][RP]Icewolfz: India Delta One Zero Tango
[04-01 00:20][RP]Asp: maybe not you
[04-02 20:43][RP]Asp: picks up the SParkly Farie Beater.. and shows you a Storm Giants forearm on a long pole
[04-02 22:10][RP]Asp: checks an old hang out, a shadowy place where he meet his true love.. she was a daughter of shadows.
[04-02 22:12][RP]Asp: years past and they gave each other fede rings.. only now Asp found her's again.. in a tree. were you can still A & B craved into the bark...
[04-02 22:14][RP]Asp: There will be no other to lay claim to this heart. No other to warm the cold winter night beside me.. No other to challenge my heart as much as she always did
[05-06 09:18][RP]Ximer: we even have an rp line
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00:01, Vaigday, Praxi 20, 177 AD.

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