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[07-14 19:51][RP]Dara: And some of us are riding large birds...
[07-14 19:51][RP]Yahwen: We visited Rahkor's nemesis
[07-14 19:52][RP]Kill: hopefully no one else got their heart ripped out? :)
[07-14 19:52][RP]Yahwen: No
[07-14 19:52][RP]Kill: gooood :)
[07-14 19:52][RP]Kill: and a fine feathered friend beneath you can be comforting
[07-14 19:52][RP]Kill: like a built-in saddle
[07-14 19:52][RP]Yahwen: I did manage to get impaled and broke some ribs, but my lady took careof me
[07-14 19:53][RP]Kill: excellent :) A cleric's cleric, she truly is :)
[07-14 19:53][RP]Yahwen: Aye!
[07-14 19:53][RP]Yahwen: A fine lady and a Princess!
[07-14 19:54][RP]Dara: I couldn't let him be hurt
[07-14 19:54][RP]Kill: Princesses are rare. Even I could my tiara but for a day.
[07-14 19:54][RP]Kill: Princesses are rare. Even I could hold my tiara but for a day.
[07-14 19:54][RP]Yahwen: Yes you as a Princess my brother was amusing but not for you
[07-14 19:55][RP]Kill: true, I should have been a Duke!
[07-14 19:55][RP]Yahwen: Or a Jester
[07-14 19:55][RP]Yahwen smirks
[07-14 19:55][RP]Kill: My time at Jester Polytech would have been put to good use then!
[07-14 19:56][RP]Kill: altho, as a princess, I always found a couple balls to juggle somehow...
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06:22, Shadowday, Praxi 6, 179 AD.

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