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[07-14 19:56][RP]Yahwen laughs
[07-14 19:59][RP]Yahwen: I think my lady is mesmerized by the land of Oz
[07-14 19:59][RP]Dara: I'm looking for something
[07-14 20:07][RP]Yahwen: Take care brother Keogh
[07-15 21:43][RP]Yahwen: To the masses Dara and Myself are engaged to be married at a date to be announced.
[07-15 21:43][RP]Rafferty: congrats!
[07-15 21:43][RP]Dara: Thanks you
[08-18 13:55][RP]Yahwen thinks we need switch here sometimes to unconfuse the masses
[08-18 13:56][RP]Dinin: i totally forgot about this line
[08-18 13:56][RP]Daihsan nods
[08-18 13:56][RP]Enter: I'm a mage!
[08-18 13:56][RP]Dinin: i have of late...lost all my mirth
[08-18 13:56][RP]Daihsan: apprentice
[08-18 13:56][RP]Enter struts around with his excellent rp.
[08-18 13:56][RP]Daihsan is the sorceror supreme
[08-18 13:57][RP]Valhal: Hark! And sooth!
[08-18 13:57][RP]Enter: Stephen Strange?
[08-18 13:57][RP]Enter: By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!!!
[08-18 13:57][RP]Valhal: The gods be angry!
[08-18 13:57][RP]Dinin: someone call the justice
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02:49, Darkday, Altki 9, 179 AD.

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