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[05-06 09:18][RP]Ximer: which rarely goes used
[07-14 18:16][RP]Zanatos: a Monkyfox
[07-14 18:17][RP]Zanatos: cheks his gear for the 30th time.
[07-14 18:18][RP]Zanatos: Taps Fauntine's pockets again as the Acrobat Acrobaticly dies
[07-14 18:19][RP]Yahwen: The Kraken has fallen Lady Dara is victorius
[07-14 18:24][RP]Zanatos: he looks up at his Prey...their eyes red with anger as they Judge me they grip their sharp steel and I can feel the anger its like they want death...well here I am
[07-14 18:24][RP]Daihsan: Be very careful what you wish for, warrior.
[07-14 18:27][RP]Zanatos: as I fight another Foe my Blood Drips from my Wounds but I must be steady
[07-14 18:27][RP]Zanatos: as I lay my foe to sleep I pray the Lord his Soul to keep.
[07-14 18:39][RP]Yahwen: These caves are full of suprises!
[07-14 18:40][RP]Daihsan: So, Rainbow cleric, where do you hail from?
[07-14 18:50][RP]Yahwen: Lady Dara how shall we ever cross this expance?
[07-14 18:50][RP]Dara: I have no idea,Sir Yahwen.
[07-14 19:11][RP]Yahwen: Jump Lady Dara, Jump
[07-14 19:12][RP]Daihsan: Did she jump?
[07-14 19:12][RP]Daihsan cackles demonically
[07-14 19:12][RP]Yahwen: I await
[07-14 19:12][RP]Dara: she did not
[07-14 19:12][RP]Yahwen: Do wish me to come back up and help you
[07-14 19:13][RP]Yahwen: Or I will catch you below
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09:31, Shadowday, Altki 6, 177 AD.

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