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[07-14 19:12][RP]Dara: she did not
[07-14 19:12][RP]Yahwen: Do wish me to come back up and help you
[07-14 19:13][RP]Yahwen: Or I will catch you below
[07-14 19:13][RP]Dara: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[07-14 19:18][RP]Zanatos: Steps out onto the Field of Bones..Wary of every step made like a masters call they come for me reaching hoping grasping at my Flesh I feel only thier breath on my skin as they surround me..
[07-14 19:19][RP]Yahwen: Lady Dara where are you?
[07-14 19:20][RP]Dara: I have never seen such things before... the monkeys have.. wings..
[07-14 19:20][RP]Zanatos: Wizard of Oz
[07-14 19:50][RP]Yahwen: Brother Kill!
[07-14 19:50][RP]Kill: YaYa!
[07-14 19:50][RP]Kill: LEND ME TEN COPPER!
[07-14 19:50][RP]Dara: Allo Kill
[07-14 19:50][RP]Yahwen: I give 1000000 copper
[07-14 19:50][RP]Kill: I know you did. :) Tis simply the Keogh battlecry approved by Brolie, rest his soul. :)
[07-14 19:50][RP]Kill: Hello, Lady Dara. :)
[07-14 19:51][RP]Yahwen: We are in the land of Oz dodging death and jumping of cliffs
[07-14 19:51][RP]Kill: cliff diving, a fun date :D
[07-14 19:51][RP]Dara: And some of us are riding large birds...
[07-14 19:51][RP]Yahwen: We visited Rahkor's nemesis
[07-14 19:52][RP]Kill: hopefully no one else got their heart ripped out? :)
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06:17, Vaigday, Aenterki 5, 182 AD.

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