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[03-31 23:04][RP]Asp: he bows his head and pulls out the COW bell.. 'I shall ring this Mother like no one has ever rung one before, Not even that Standford kid.. I'll break this mother over the heads of these dork dworfs
[03-31 23:14][RP]Asp: tock tock tock tock tock....... tock tock tock tock..... tock tock... tock tock tock
[03-31 23:51][RP]Asp: troops over to the Brigands, grabs the leader of the Brigs.. 'Where is Sally??'
[03-31 23:51][RP]Rogre: Sally, are you okay? Sally, are you okay? Are you okay, Sally?
[03-31 23:52][RP]Asp: lays the heavy pimp hand of Odhrean upon the Brigs face..
[03-31 23:52][RP]Ra chuckles.
[03-31 23:52][RP]Rogre: The pimphand is strong with this one...
[03-31 23:53][RP]Asp: You should start talking Briggy.. or mah friends get to lay down the Heavy
[03-31 23:53][RP]Rogre: I'm heavy! Being an ogre and all.
[03-31 23:53][RP]Asp: steps back
[03-31 23:53][RP]Rogre: And I will ride em like a cowboy!
[03-31 23:53][RP]Rogre grapples up.
[03-31 23:54][RP]Asp: start talking MISTER.. a wild ride really hurt
[03-31 23:54][RP]Asp: Whoa... ROgre you broke his spin man...
[03-31 23:54][RP]Rogre: Walk it off?
[03-31 23:55][RP]Rogre: oh wait...
[03-31 23:55][RP]Rogre winces.
[03-31 23:55][RP]Rogre cloaks and slinks away.
[03-31 23:55][RP]Asp: shakes his head.. He's dead Jim
[03-31 23:55][RP]Rogre: HIGH FIVE!
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03:08, Shadowday, Kortki 11, 176 AD.

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