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[04-01 00:20][RP]Asp: maybe not you
[04-02 20:43][RP]Asp: picks up the SParkly Farie Beater.. and shows you a Storm Giants forearm on a long pole
[04-02 22:10][RP]Asp: checks an old hang out, a shadowy place where he meet his true love.. she was a daughter of shadows.
[04-02 22:12][RP]Asp: years past and they gave each other fede rings.. only now Asp found her's again.. in a tree. were you can still A & B craved into the bark...
[04-02 22:14][RP]Asp: There will be no other to lay claim to this heart. No other to warm the cold winter night beside me.. No other to challenge my heart as much as she always did
[05-06 09:18][RP]Ximer: we even have an rp line
[05-06 09:18][RP]Ximer: which rarely goes used
[07-14 18:16][RP]Zanatos: a Monkyfox
[07-14 18:17][RP]Zanatos: cheks his gear for the 30th time.
[07-14 18:18][RP]Zanatos: Taps Fauntine's pockets again as the Acrobat Acrobaticly dies
[07-14 18:19][RP]Yahwen: The Kraken has fallen Lady Dara is victorius
[07-14 18:24][RP]Zanatos: he looks up at his Prey...their eyes red with anger as they Judge me they grip their sharp steel and I can feel the anger its like they want death...well here I am
[07-14 18:24][RP]Daihsan: Be very careful what you wish for, warrior.
[07-14 18:27][RP]Zanatos: as I fight another Foe my Blood Drips from my Wounds but I must be steady
[07-14 18:27][RP]Zanatos: as I lay my foe to sleep I pray the Lord his Soul to keep.
[07-14 18:39][RP]Yahwen: These caves are full of suprises!
[07-14 18:40][RP]Daihsan: So, Rainbow cleric, where do you hail from?
[07-14 18:50][RP]Yahwen: Lady Dara how shall we ever cross this expance?
[07-14 18:50][RP]Dara: I have no idea,Sir Yahwen.
[07-14 19:11][RP]Yahwen: Jump Lady Dara, Jump
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00:11, Darkday, Altki 9, 179 AD.

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