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[03-20 10:24][RP]Asp: its the meds.. I can almost breath normally, Ogre bones crushed to a fine powder add some herbs and stuff, with other stuff
[03-21 23:43][RP]Asp: sits upon the permafrost in only his Kilt, shivers run up and his body.. breaths in and allows his body to get use to the coldness and cutting wind
[03-21 23:43][RP]Nightshade eyes Asp, and the scraggly tundra plants in the area
[03-21 23:44][RP]Nightshade looks down at the dead plants around him
[03-21 23:46][RP]Asp: builds up the chakra as the shivering slows down,,, the build up of energy starts to heat up the area around him
[03-21 23:47][RP]Nightshade stretches, calls upon the powers of Baeron, and revives a few of the plants, sculpting a few into a chair
[03-21 23:48][RP]Asp: turns flush, as the ice below him starts to melt due to the body heat rating from his core outward
[03-22 23:18][RP]Nightshade tries to cook the new mage
[03-22 23:19][RP]Zanatos: another one bites the dust
[03-22 23:19][RP]Tkhar: holds forth his ring and creates a shield of pure Schwartz to block the week attack at Alptraum
[03-26 12:24][RP]Asp: checks the healer, in the cleric hall.. Too cute, doesnt know how to cook, or survive cold, weather
[03-26 12:25][RP]Asp: way too young fer the Grizzley Hunter, tho.. nay
[03-26 12:25][RP]Kill: hehe
[03-26 12:26][RP]Asp: needs someone that like to freeze her fanny, off while dealing with a Grumpy man
[03-31 21:57][RP]Rafferty lets loose a primal scream, dripping with the blood of slaughtered wolves
[03-31 21:57][RP]Asp: gets a wet one, and hands it to rafferty
[03-31 21:58][RP]Rafferty grins
[03-31 21:58][RP]Asp: then says: I think there is a few more east.
[03-31 23:02][RP]Asp: places the tekagi-shuko on, then tightens them,
[03-31 23:04][RP]Asp: he bows his head and pulls out the COW bell.. 'I shall ring this Mother like no one has ever rung one before, Not even that Standford kid.. I'll break this mother over the heads of these dork dworfs
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03:08, Vaigday, Aenterki 5, 182 AD.

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