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[03-31 23:55][RP]Asp: shakes his head.. He's dead Jim
[03-31 23:55][RP]Rogre: HIGH FIVE!
[03-31 23:55][RP]Asp: High 5's ROgre.. Ra can ya shock Briggy a lil?
[04-01 00:15][RP]Asp: green 3 standing by
[04-01 00:15][RP]Asp: Gold leader??? GOld LEADER!!
[04-01 00:16][RP]Icewolfz: Alpha Fox Charlie
[04-01 00:16][RP]Asp: ?? who the blood heck are you
[04-01 00:18][RP]Icewolfz: Kilo India Lima Lima India November Charlie
[04-01 00:18][RP]Zanatos: right Kill Inc
[04-01 00:19][RP]Rogre: nice!
[04-01 00:19][RP]Asp: Marasin took mah lunch money!!
[04-01 00:19][RP]Zanatos: I know Code Sir
[04-01 00:19][RP]Rogre: sounds like a job for Kill Inc.
[04-01 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: Kilo India Sierra Sierra
[04-01 00:19][RP]Zanatos: kiss
[04-01 00:20][RP]Rogre: or keep it simple stupid. :)
[04-01 00:20][RP]Icewolfz: India Delta 1 0 Tango
[04-01 00:20][RP]Asp: yes?
[04-01 00:20][RP]Zanatos: well that dosen't include us :)
[04-01 00:20][RP]Icewolfz: India Delta One Zero Tango
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19:20, Flameday, Altki 8, 179 AD.

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