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[10-26 16:53][RP]Ra:
[10-26 16:53][RP]Icewolfz:
[12-01 17:21][RP]Ra: kotonio
[12-01 17:21][RP]Icewolfz: summoners
[02-03 17:22][RP]Icewolfz pokes Ambrose in the ribs.
[02-03 17:23][RP]Dara glances around this line
[02-24 00:26][RP]Asp sneaks across the roof tops..
[02-24 00:27][RP]Icewolfz: spider gnome!
[02-24 00:27][RP]Asp crawls on the ceiling, like a pig
[02-24 00:29][RP]Harry porker: hey thats my line!
[02-24 00:29][RP]Asp: your too slow!!! MAhahahahaha!!1
[02-24 00:29][RP]Asp: 1
[02-24 00:29][RP]Asp leaps upon 1 and bites it
[02-25 08:54][RP]Yahwen: I did not kill that innocent guard! He keeps attacking me!
[02-25 08:54][RP]Rogre: It was I who stabbed the sheriff! But I did not shank the deputy!
[02-25 08:54][RP]Yahwen: I wish they would just leave me alone.
[02-25 08:55][RP]Yahwen: Where is that Elvish Princess?
[02-25 08:55][RP]Rogre: you mean Dara?
[02-25 08:55][RP]Yahwen: Yes, her name is Princess Dara I am told
[02-25 08:56][RP]Rogre: Elvish has left the building...or at least goe idle.
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17:53, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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