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[05-16 11:35][Newbie]Tyre: North and west of square is the newbie area, looks at the sign or list there.
[05-16 11:35][Newbie]Dmx: newbie armor from the newbie shop is best at level 1. from square: n,w,equipme armor
[05-16 11:36][Newbie]When: What is square
[05-16 11:36][Newbie]Dmx: type rescue
[05-16 11:36][Newbie]Tyre: It's center of Kieron (Main town) where a lot of people hang out.
[05-16 11:37][Newbie]When: Dwarf have armor?
[05-16 11:38][Newbie]When: So many dwarf
[05-16 11:38][Newbie]Tyre: Don't let em hustle you.
[05-16 11:39][Newbie]When: Hustle?
[05-16 11:39][Newbie]Tyre: Or push you around and use you as a ventilator for gas.
[05-16 11:39][Newbie]When: Oh you make joking
[05-16 11:41][Newbie]When: So dwarf fight easy than golem
[05-16 11:41][Newbie]Tyre: Do you want to select a profession (class)?
[05-16 11:41][Newbie]When: I am wizard for sure
[05-16 11:41][Newbie]Tyre: Fighter, Mage, Monk, Cleric and Rogue halls are all in the major city.
[05-16 11:42][Newbie]Tyre: You will henceforth be know as When Harry then.
[05-16 11:42][Newbie]When: When Harry? no I am When Lei.
[05-16 11:43][Newbie]Tyre: Pronouced When Lay?
[05-16 11:43][Newbie]When: When Lei.
[05-16 11:43][Newbie]Tyre: Ok When Leaiy. We shall help you if you need it... just ask.
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14:00, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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