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[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Icewolfz: think before that was dodger or mop
[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Recluse: - Anyway, any idea what class you want to choose ?
[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Recluse: dodger and mop immed as I deimmed.
[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Taeric: those names sound familiar
[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Taeric: like i said years ago
[09-07 20:15][Newbie]Recluse: both Dragon Warriors.
[09-07 20:16][Newbie]Taeric: used to play with a friend Psy
[09-07 20:16][Newbie]Recluse: I've been playing one form of this mud since the 1993-94 school year.
[09-07 20:16][Newbie]Icewolfz: i think i rmmeber that name but it has been a while
[09-07 20:17][Newbie]Recluse: except that about a year prior to crash, they booted me for talking about what I knew about people in real life.
[09-07 20:17][Newbie]Recluse: I never knew it came back in 2007.
[09-07 20:17][Newbie]Icewolfz: didnt matter wasnt playable for many years
[09-07 20:17][Newbie]Recluse: lol
[09-07 20:17][Newbie]Icewolfz: mostly was just a chat box
[09-07 20:18][Newbie]Taeric: yeah i remeber when it got shutdown
[09-07 20:18][Newbie]Recluse: anyway, Taeric, pick something and I can probably help you.
[09-07 20:18][Newbie]Icewolfz: wasnt relaly playable til feb 2011 here
[09-07 20:18][Newbie]Icewolfz: tha twas the offical reset date
[09-07 20:18][Newbie]Am: Or perhaps I can help you.
[09-07 20:19][Newbie]Icewolfz: there is a newbie school
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11:13, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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